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Christopher A. Moskaluk, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Pathology

Phone: 434.982.4408

As associate director for translational research infrastructure of the Cancer Center and director of the Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility, Moskaluk ensures that the resources are in place for optimal procurement and processing of human biospecimens for research and acquires the funding for the equipment and people his department needs.

In the lab, they obtain donated tissue, blood, urine, etc. from cancer patients so researchers can study them to identify new targets for therapy and develop better tests for screening, diagnosis and prognosis. Moskaluk and his team help researchers who are involved in clinical trials with cancer patients to process and analyze tissue and fluid specimens to understand how the experimental therapy is working in individual patients.

Additionally, Moskaluk is a practicing surgical pathologist at UVA and has expertise in the tissue diagnosis of cancer, so he can help fellow researchers who do not share his pathology knowledge. Moskaluk is also chair of the pathology department and, in this role, oversees the interactions of the clinical diagnostic staff with the research staff involved in the collection of specimens. He has worked at UVA for 18 years.

Moskaluk’s research interests include creating biological model systems and understanding the biology of the human cancer known as adenoid cystic carcinoma. His research has identified a potential new therapeutic target for this cancer - a new drug that was tested in animals using model systems. The drug is currently being tested in UVA patients in a clinical trial. His clinical interests are in the histologic and molecular diagnosis of cancer and of chronic inflammatory conditions that can lead to cancer.

As a diagnostician working behind the scenes, Moskaluk seldom interacts with patients during his clinical work, yet through his research work he has interacted with and come to know many patients and patient advocates. He cherishes these interactions, which strengthen his resolve to continue his personal research and help others carry out theirs.

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