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Need a Second Opinion?

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a second opinion, call 434.924.9333.


If you need to speak with someone about your appointment, call 434.924.9333.


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High-Risk Breast & Ovarian Cancer Program

An image of a genetic counselor interacting with a patientSome Cancer is Inherited

UVA has the region’s only program for women who may be at high-risk for breast and ovarian cancers. As part of our high-risk breast & ovarian clinic, patients with a known family history of cancer are able to consult with a genetic counselor to determine their personal risk, discuss whether genetic testing is appropriate and map out a safe and effective screening and treatment plan for you.

Genetic Counseling at UVA

“It runs in the family.” How many times have we said it about a family member’s wavy hair or wide-open smile? Thanks to remarkable advances in our understanding of genetics, you can learn if you’re at higher inherited risk for cancer, enabling you to take action to stay healthy.

Genetic mutations and other inherited risk factors are a factor in less than 10 percent of all breast and ovarian cancers. But if you do carry an inherited mutation, our genetic counselors can help you understand what it means.

Detection & Treatments

Although we still don't know what causes cancer, there are new and powerful options available to detect and fight breast and ovarian cancers.

  • The most important factor is catching cancer early, when it's most treatable.
  • You should be closely monitored if you're at increased risk.

We offer these services to women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers:

  • Advanced diagnostics like non-surgical treatment including chemoprevention (chemotherapy as a preventative measure)
  • Leading-edge surgery and genetic counseling
  • Personal support for you and your family

Find out about your options for:

Wondering if you're at risk for breast or ovarian cancer?

The Gail Model is a scientifically published, nationally accepted standard for evaluating your relative risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer, based on your family history.

Take the Gail Model risk assessment now or

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