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Need a Second Opinion?

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a second opinion, call 434.924.9333.


Need a Second Opinion?

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a second opinion, call 434.924.9333.


If you need to speak with someone about your appointment, call 434.924.9333.

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If you'd like to make an appointment or get a second opinion, call 434.924.9333.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking and Cancer

Smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body, is linked to at least 10 different cancers and accounts for 30 percent of all cancer deaths. And it costs billions of dollars each year. Yet one in four Americans still lights up. 

Check out the following websites for information on tobacco and cancer:

Tobacco Cessation Program (NEW) - For Patients Only

Our free service helps tobacco users address their addiction to tobacco. Our tobacco treatment specialist helps you create a custom plan to quit. She can help you address nicotine withdrawal, anxiety and coping with stress. She can also help with recovery from relapse and maintaining your weight. Meet with our tobacco treatment specialist and take control of your health.

Lindsay Hauser
Outreach and Education Specialist
Tobacco Treatment Specialist
UVA Cancer Center

Get Screened!

UVA Cancer Center now offers a low-dose CT screening program for lung cancer. Make an appointment and encourage those you know to get screened, too. If cancer is detected early, it is much easier to treat and chances of survival are much greater than if cancer is caught when symptoms are present.

Additional Resources

Here are some fact sheets and other resources to help you or a loved one QUIT SMOKING.

Quitting Smoking: Tips to Help You Quit (PDF)

You Can Quit Smoking: A 5-Day Plan to Get Ready (PDF)

What Happens After You Quit Smoking (PDF)

Tobacco Cessation Medications (PDF)

Staying Smoke-Free (PDF)

How to Cope with the Urge to Smoke (PDF)

Cigarette Smoking and Its Health Risks (PDF)