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Clinical Research Implementation Committee (CRIC)


The Clinical Research Implementation Committee (CRIC) oversees the activation and implementation of therapeutic oncology clinical trials. The committee reviews clinical trial protocols during the implementation phase to ensure that the appropriate supportive care systems are in place for each study team prior to patient enrollment. The CRIC relays recommendations for resource allocation to the Associate Director for Clinical Research and the Associate Director for Research Administration for discussion and approval.


  • To identify the physical and staffing resources required for each oncology clinical trial.
  • To streamline the clinical trial activation process through the regular review of the protocol priority list and by keeping open and clear communication about study activities throughout the implementation phase


The CRIC will meet every two weeks (at least 20 times per calendar year), and more often, if needed. Staff support is provided by Cancer Center Administration. Study teams are required to provide the Operational Assessment Checklist (DOC) for review. To submit please email the completed form to .

Duties and responsibilities

  • Review the logistics for trial conduct with consideration of the following: staff, space, equipment.
  • Review the start-up status for trials on the prioritization list.  In cases where a study start-up has been delayed, the CRIC will work with a study team to help resolve outstanding issues.
  • Prioritize protocols on the protocol list based on the following: regulatory approval status; status of budget and contracts, needed infrastructure; identification of potential patients
  • Communicate with the study teams about any concerns raised over a clinical trial protocol.  Changes in the prioritization of a study protocol will be communicated with the PI and CRC.